Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post C4K3 - C4K7

child's artwork
The student blogs that I read for C4K3 – C4K7 were all over the map in terms of content and quality. When thinking about this summary post for C4K, I kept Ms. Cassidy’s comments in mind that students might be more motivated to write for a global audience. That is obvious in the C4K3 and C4K7 blogs that I reviewed and commented on. These students seemed especially excited to be presenting “normal schoolwork” to a larger audience.
C4K3: I commented on a second grade student’s blog from Auckland, New Zealand. His blog post was a video of him reading a traditional New Zealand story.
C4K4: I commented on a fifth grade student’s blog from Sydney, Australia. Her blog post was about a vacation that she took with her family.
C4K5: I commented on a seventh grade student’s blog from Tasmania. Most of his posts were not academic related, and the post I commented on was on his creation of pivot animation and stop motion videos
C4K6: I commented on a sixth grade student’s blog from Iowa. This was a simple post on the type of books that the student liked to read.
C4K7: I commented on a second grade student’s blog from Australia. This was by far the best blog post that I have read from a student. The student’s response to my post reiterated how much the students enjoy our comments:
Dear Jared,
Thanks for the great comment! I have never had a person from an university before. Learning to be a teacher woulod be fun. I’m so happy you left me a comment for your study. Thanks for saying my writing skills are good and that you enjoyed looking at my pictures.

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  1. Jared, your blog is gorgeous! All of your posts are detailed, but easy to read. It is cool that you got word back from one of the students and one of the teachers that you were assigned to. It is so interesting to be part of this new way of learning. I feel so lucky to be a part of it. I can tell that you do to. Keep up the good work.